Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Roaming Milan with Mael and Cindy

Mael and Cindy came to Milan this past week to visit with his grandmother. I have been able able to see them twice...and I just found out their flight was full so I am seeing them again tonight! They have been so encouraging and it has been a treat to be able to see and talk with them...in Milan! (on top of that, Mael was able to get me out of awkward situation 246...)

We went to the park behind the castello to take a few shots. 

I love their matching rings.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Flowers: Take Two

I desperately want to have some fresh flowers and herbs growing in my window. I think it looks great and would make the place feel so homey. I also like having fresh herbs any time I wish! 

I bought some basil the other week and have managed to kill and resurrect it 3 times. Any suggestions on how to care for the thing?? I have tried everything but the Italian basil and I clearly don't speak the same language!

There was a traveling market on my street today and they had a stand of lots of plants. I went and asked the guy what flowers would be good for a lot of sunlight. He recommended these. I also explained that I "fried my basil plant" last week and he was just sure to tell me clearly how to take care of these currently living plants. 

We'll see. They look pretty though! 

So what can YOU do with carrots and beets??

You Know You're on Via Monte Napoleone When...

The fall preview displays have been set since early June. 
You can find tights that match with the skirt. 
And you can get the whole outfit for less than 2,000 euros. 
You see boxers creatively displayed with flowers and bows and chic lighting. 
The scooters look like this...
You encounter very masculine color combinations.

This rounds the corner while you stopped to talk to a friend.

three of my most favorite pairs of cheeks

I kept the kids one afternoon for Jason and Allyson while they met with Jakes teacher for the end-of-the-year meeting. I love all three of them and am SO blessed to be part of their lives. I have noticed that being with them is my stress relief after long days in language school. I love to take them to the park, enjoy the fresh air, and talk to the old grandmothers who are watching their grandchildren. 

You can't see anything (proof that the shutters on the windows are amazing! This was filmed mid-afternoon!) but you can hear Julia's cute little voice. Whenever I ring the bell at their house, I always hear little feet running and her sweet voice saying, "amma's oam!!" (Amber's home!) So cute. 

I am always threatening Jake with "big, wet, juicy ones." He plays hard-to-get most of the time. 

Little Joshee. Love to squeeze and "chain kiss" him! (and also Julia with her "noble savage" hair. 

Thursday, June 25, 2009

First Milanese Haircut

I searched for a while to find a place in between the chinese barbers down the street and the 200 euro salons. Joy and Stefano told me about a place they took Joy's mom to called Adore'. Stefano had researched it and apparently found great reviews. Good enough for me. The hair was looking rough! 

My stylist, Davio, is from Sicily but lived and worked in a salon in London for the last 6 years. He spoke perfect "britalian" english, which made me feel so much more comfortable since this is my hair we were talking about...not which tomatoes I want. 

We had a great conversation and he most definitely gave me a great quality cut. I don't think I have a strand of hair that he did not examine and he knows every which way every hair lays on my head! 

So, I'm happy. I honestly didn't know what I would look like coming out of there!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Pavia is a little city that, believe it or not, is only a 25 minute train ride from Milan. I absolutely loved it. It's amazing how far you feel away from the city though it is right there. I didn't realize how much I had missed seeing all the green fields and I think all the fresh air was exactly what I needed to kick this cough. I met my friend, Elena, there early afternoon and we had a wonderful day together! She lives and grew up there so I had an excellent tour guide! 

This is the agriturismo where we stopped for a light lunch. 
Where they grew the veggies I ate. 
More of the farm. 

This is the entrance to the restaurant on the farm. 
Elena's house! 
The city is very medieval. They have these towers all over the city. So hard to believe how old they are.  
The city has many small universities. Most were built around the 12-1300's. These courtyards are beautiful and I greatly enjoyed hearing just random quartets playing music outside while people were reading and studying. 

Snazzy, huh? Think I should bring one back to the States? 
This is an ex chiesa (former Church) built in the early 1200's. Someone now lives in it. 

Doors like this all over the city. 
Old, old pharmacy. 

Man over 65 in red pants. At least they aren't tight and he isn't carrying a purse. 
Bread art. 

This Church is made out of sand. Insanely old. The drawings are hieroglyphic-looking designs. 

Another GORGEOUS Church. 

Bars on the door. That'll keep 'em out. 
Me and Elena. 

Stefano and Joy joined us for dinner!