Saturday, February 14, 2009

End of Week 3

It is hard to believe we are one week shy of being half way though with training! This week was full of anthropology, worldview, linguistic, and ESL training. The classes have been interesting and informative, but building relationships with the people here is definitely the highlight. Dorm 37 is definitely the hotspot of late night conversation for the Western Europe people especially. Last night was part two of a "discussion" about the philosopher vs. the artist: the difference between intentionality and the sub-conscience. We've talked a little bit about politics, alcohol consumption, cultural issues/contextualization, and definitely spent quite a bit of time analyzing and speculating about Lost! 

I am getting made fun of quite a bit about my cooking habits! Well, it's not as bad anymore now that many are benefiting from it, but the theme for a while was "Give Amber some bones and beans and she'll be happy." So true! Tonight, because I used my once-a-week out-to-eat ticket already this week, I am making a big Indian feast! I have a chicken curry dish with chickpeas, dosas, and an Indian salad. I generally make a pot of soup two or three times per week and live off the leftovers. The Korean Soup was a hit with the girls! I also made the Jamaican Beans but they were gone pretty quickly. I found a great brand of yogurt at Whole Foods that actually has grains soaked in it...and it is actually really yummy! Oatmeal is a staple. I bought some delicious hummus from Whole Foods and am pouring olive oil and olives on top for lunch. I usually get a salad from the salad bar at the caFATeria for lunch along with it. Of course I knock out at least 2 bars of dark chocolate per week also! 

News on the other side of the pond is that I have an apartment! It is located in a really neat part of town where there are many hang-out places and shops. I feel so blessed to have this particular apartment. It has a double bed and two walk-in closets, which is extremely rare! It's on the 4th floor with no elevator so I am hoping to offset the large quantity of pasta I will be consuming! I really, really love it. Once I figure out how to download the video and make it work, I'll post it! 

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Escape from the Farm!

We couldn't take it anymore, and our hearts were screaming "sushi!" in unison.  

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Meet the Friends

From left to right: "THE Cora" who is the German language expert, Jen the massage therapist, Me, and Amy the opera singer. 

We added Kendall for this outing. She's not a WE girl but we include her anyway. 

FPO Life

It is amazing to think that I remember when FPO was a year away! I can't believe it is here and I only have less than 7 weeks left! (that is a good thing by the way) When I arrived, I was overjoyed to have my own space. I really tried to make it as comfortable and homey as I could. I think the "nesting" bug has hit me after being in transition for so long. This was the best I could come up with.

Drawers! Oh yea! I am actually using the top right one for my pantry :) I promise I am not intentionally "displaying" the Nourishing Traditions book. It was just the only one that would keep my Umberto Eco book in place! 

Il bagno.
I have been making espresso every day to keep myself going and to avoid the tar water they have available in the KGB building (as we call it). Do you see the angel on the side of the cup? I hope that is a good sign. I think I am going to start an espresso fortune-telling business in Milan! 
They are keeping us crazy-busy! I have ESL training starting next saturday so that will take up the rest of my free saturdays. Yuck. But it has to be done. Despite the rigid schedule that keeps us in a constant state of exhaustion (especially for the one who cooks her own food), everything here is going really well and I am trying to soak up all God has for me here. Miss everyone! It's great making new friends and being in a new place, but I can't help but miss all my friends and family back home.